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Hino 500 Series

From its stylish looks down to its ferocious direct injection, intercooled diesel engine; this dynamic truck is a reliable worker that is more than up for all the short haul freight that you need done right, the first time. The versatile body can be modified to suit most transportation needs, from regional haul to moving refrigerated cargo. This truck can do it all.
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Hino 500 SeriesRetail Price
Hino 500 1018 FCR898,369
Hino 500 1326 TipperR989,058
Hino 500 1326 FCR969,025
Hino 500 1322 4X4 DWA FCR1,230,673
Hino 500 1322 4X4 SWA FCR1,251,787
Hino 500 1627 4X2 TIPR1,097,986
Hino 500 1627 MT FC LWBR1,134,326
Hino 500 1627 AT FC LWBR1,229,914
Hino 500 1627 MT FC SLWBR1,153,232
Hino 500 1627 AT FC SLWBR1,249,441
Hino 500 2829 6X2 6MT FC LWB StlR1,396,848
Hino 500 2829 6X2 AT FC LWB StlR1,574,523
Hino 500 2829 6X2 9MT FC SLWB AirR1,505,166
Hino 500 2829 6X2 AT FC SLWB AirR1,682,864
Hino 500 2836 6X4 TipperR1,561,666
Hino 500 2836 6X4 FCR1,598,753
Hino 500 2836 6X4 Mixer R1,620,074
Hino 500 1627 CC MTR1,538,907
Hino 500 1627 CC ATR1,600,133
All prices include VAT.
All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


Hino 500 Series Brochure (1.26MB)

Hino 500 Series Brochure (398 KB)



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